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Name: Squall Leonhart
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Gender: Male
Time Period: Just after Rinoa falls comatose.
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Personality Description: He is not exactly a “social butterfly”, to put it simply. He is very much an introverted loner, which results in a huge lack of actual friends. He rarely allows himself to trust another person, so he tends to treat people as though they are mere comrades (which in his mind, that really is all that they are). He protects himself by giving the image of an ill-tempered, aloof, moody, and highly inflexible jerk. This is all the result of his narrow-minded beliefs. In his mind, people will, the second that he allows himself to get close to someone, quickly abandon him (or, at the very least, betray him in some way). This is all due to his experience as a child (when his sister was taken out of the orphanage, without warning to the other children). It could also very well be the fact that nobody wanted to adopt him out of the orphanage. Really, Squall has not changed much since he was a child. He has really always been quiet and standoffish to other people.

Despite all of this, however, he has a strong and moral-filled backbone. If he accepts a task, he will do everything possible to accomplish it. He believes that he should always do everything the right way. It could be his way of saying "I never want to be let down, so I am never going to let other people down". This, in turn, gives him rather... wonderful leadership skills. This natural ability to guide others tends to draw people in, despite Squall's unhappiness about it. It does not take long of being the declared (against his will) "Commander" of his military school, before he simply gives in.

Despite his endless pushing away, he manages to find-and somehow keep-a close knit group of friends. The few he finally begins calling his friends begin to prove to Squall that people can be trusted. The once-loner finally understands that he was not actually abandoned, too. He learns the truth about why his sister left, which could also be what truly helped him learn to trust others.

Other Notes: Despite learning to trust his friends, he still is not the nicest person in the world to other people. He will do whatever it takes to save someone in trouble, though.

Also! Squall is rather stubborn. When he has his mind set on a particular thought or action, he will stick with it. It takes a lot to have him thinking otherwise.


Do you have any experience? If so, how much? Been RPing since 2001~

Example in character post (third person): Blackness. This is all he could see. Where... is everyone? Suddenly the realization hits him. Rinoa! Rinoa is... unconscious. So why... is he here? Where is here? There is nothing to be seen for miles. No color. No light, of any kind. Is he blind? Actually, he cannot... feel anything, neither. He attempts to speak, yet... nothing comes out.

Suddenly he realizes that his eyes are closed. Was that a dream? As blue eyes begin to open, a sharp pain instantly fills the mercenary's head. When did it become that painful to wake up? Actually...

What is with all the white?

Slowly, it becomes easier and easier to completely open his eyes. Once he does, Squall notices a girl standing there staring at him.

"Who the hell are you...?"

He realizes just how dry his throat is and is instantly sent into a coughing frenzy. As a result, he unwillingly closes his eyes. Upon opening them, again, he begins scanning the room for the girl. She is gone. Was his mind playing a trick on him? Nobody can move that fast, though. A frown quickly appears on the brunette's forehead, causing the scar between his eyes to distort just a bit. Never mind. He would worry about her, later. There is no point in freaking out over something like that, when you are in an unknown place. He must remain calm, or else he could end up trapped in here due to his own mental weakness. Sitting up, he has to pause to allow the dizziness to subside.

When he is finally able to slide off of the bed and stand, he notices a strange black device. It is lying on the only piece of furniture (other than the twin-sized bed) in the room. The black device stands apart from all of the white. Even the bed and chair are white. Was Squall put here to his sanity? If so, this test may be even more difficult than the SeeD exam...

He studies the device a moment, before even reaching down to pick it up. Once it is in Squall's hand, his first realization is that someone had just been holding it. It is warm, where someone's hand would be wrapped around it. It being metal means that it had to have been recent. It would have cooled off rather quickly, seeing as how cool the temperature of the room is. This brings an incredibly unsettled feeling into the teenager's stomach. Could that woman have really just... vanished from the room? Maybe there is a secret door. Squall would have heard the door being unlocked, if she had used the only visible door.

He lets out a deep sigh and barely audible groan.

"What is this place?!" The angry thought is two seconds away from being audibly screamed, when the SeeD hears a loud BANG against the door. Quickly rushing to the door and looking out through the large window, his eyes widen. A T-Rexaur is storming down the very large hallway. A gloved hand instinctively reaches down for his gunblade to find... air.

"Shit!" The brunette quickly does a search of the room, but to no avail. So, whoever put him here took his weapon. He checks to make sure his magic and GFs have not been taken. Fortunately, he has those.

"Guess I'll be stuck using magic until I find my gunblade... That's fine. As long as I have something that will help me find Rinoa and the others!"

With that, he unlocks the door (which is... surprisingly easy) and runs out.

Example journal entry (first person):


What the hell...?!

[there is a long pause, with the sound of frustrated sighs breaking the silence, every now and then]

Damn it, this thing is annoying.

[again, a pause]



Quistis, Zell, Selphie, Irvine...

If any of you out there can see this, please respond as soon as possible.


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Name: Squall Leonhart
Age: 17
Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
Weight: 185 lbs.
Birth date: August 23rd
Abilities: Highly skilled with the gunblade, general knowledge with variety of mechanics, proficient dance skills, skilled use of magic, Renzokuken, Fated Circle, leading others in battle.

Personality: He is not exactly a “social butterfly”, to put it simply. He is very much an introverted loner, resulting in a huge lack of friends early on in the story. He rarely allows himself to trust another person. He protects himself by giving the image of an ill-tempered, aloof, moody, and highly inflexible. He believes that, the second that he allows himself to get close to someone, they will quickly abandon him (or, at the very least, betray him). Despite all of this, he has a strong moral responsibility. If he accepts a task, he will do everything possible to accomplish it. This, in turn, gives him wonderful leadership skills. There is something about him, though, that tends to draw people in. Despite his endless pushing away, he manages to find-and keep-a close knit group of friends.

Fandom: Video game; FFVIII (Final Fantasy 8)

WARNING: Spoilers are contained within Squall's history. Feel free to read, if you do not mind knowing information that is only found-or even implied-later on in the video game.

History: His mother died during childbirth and his father was gone, resulting in Squall getting sent away. As a result, the boy grew up in an orphanage (that doubled as a light house) run by a woman known as “Matron” AKA Edea AKA “Matwin” to the children. He had trouble making friends, at first. He tended to stick to the background. Fortunately, he finally found a friend in a girl named Ellone that he called “Sis” (funny thing is, she just so happened to be his actual sister). She is called “Big Sis” by all of the other children of the orphanage. She and Squall become inseparable, quickly. It is later remarked that Squall tended to hog Ellone.

Ellone one day vanished without warning or explanation. Squall is crushed, to say the least, and is found standing outside the orphanage for days... waiting (and begging) for “Sis” to return to him. She never did, which was the start of Squall's downward social spiral. Years later, all of the children (except for Squall and Seifer) are adopted out. Squall and Seifer (who had become notorious for picking on both Squall and Zell) are sent to a school that trains mercenaries, due to their UN-adopt-ability. The rest of the children (That is... Quistis, Zell, Selphie, and Irvine) eventually join Balamb Garden, as well.

Side Note: Selphie originally joins Trabia Garden and Irvine initially joins Galbadia Garden. Selphie is transferred to Balamb early on in the story. Irvine “joins” Balamb due to mission requirements (ones that require his sniper skills) set by both Galbadia and Balamb Gardens later on.

Both Squall and Seifer train with gunblades. The two of them have become rivals at this point, which eventually lands the two of them with twin scars upon their faces during a “training session” (it was practically an all-out brawl, where Seifer took a cheap shot at Squall's face... and Squall responded with the very same thing-only on the opposite side of Seifer's nose). Despite his issues with Seifer, Squall is known as one of the top students.

Finally, Squall graduates (after an exceptionally difficult test), becoming a full-fledged SeeD. Squall is hired by the Forest Owls, as his first mission-which he is the unwilling leader of. The mission goes fairly well, at first, until the team (Squall, Zell, and Selphie) discovers that they were tricked. The mission ends badly with Seifer attempting to kidnap the president of Galbadia and a new threat-a sorceress-appearing. In the end, though, the team (with the addition of Rinoa, Quistis, and Irvine) is sent out to put an end to the sorceress' reign-this time under orders from both Balamb and Galbadia Gardens.

Side Note: It is at this point that Squall is introduced to “Laguna's (AKA Squall's father's) World”, so to speak.

The mission starts out rocky, unfortunately. It almost ends with Irvine unable to carry out on his part-the most IMPORTANT part. With leader-of-the-team Squall's encouraging words, he is able to carry through. The sorceress stops the sniper's bullet and a team consisting of Squall, Irvine, and Rinoa have to jump in... and fight both Sorceress Edea and Seifer. Seifer goes down quickly, but the sorceress never goes down. In fact, she ends the fight with a spear of ice through Squall's chest.

Fortunately, Squall lives. After undergoing torture by Seifer (which involves Squall chained to a wall, getting electrocuted until he falls unconscious), Squall is eventually rescued by his comrades (Zell, Quistis, and Selphie). Once met by Irvine and Rinoa, everyone manages to escape Galbadia Prison.

After Selphie blows up Galbadia's Missile Base (because they have missiles pointed at Balamb and Trabia Garden), Squall's party is sure that Selphie's team could very well be dead. This actually upsets Squall a bit, because he has started to consider them to be more than just teammates (after all, they saved his life at the prison). Squall's team manages to save Balamb Garden, thanks to Squall figuring out how to make it fly.

It is not long after this, that Squall is given his first leadership position over the entire Garden. He eventually guides the school against a very difficult and extensive battle against Sorceress Edea and her faithful “Knight”, Seifer-who somehow figured out how to make Galbadia Garden fly, as well.


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